Jeremiah “Guru”


Jeremiah is an Alaskan native who moved to Albany, Ga. his freshman year of high school. Unlike all his other peers who wanted to be rappers and professional football players, Jeremiah always had the dream of being a barber. He began his journey toward becoming a master cosmetologist at the age of 15. Like many high school students, he valued his personal style and after receiving a sub par haircut before his first prom, he began to teach himself how to cut hair in order to achieve his desired style.

With practice and patience he soon not only excelled at cutting his own hair but also became the go-to barber for most of his friends, a role that continued through his college days. Although Jeremiah had only the vision of cutting hair, God had a better vision for him. God opened his eyes to not just cutting hair but for styling hair as well. So he pursued a Master Cosmetology Diploma at Albany Technical College, which he graduated from with flying colors April of 2015.

Right now, Jeremiah is following his dreams at on of Georgia’s top salons, Avoir Salon and Color Bar. Where he continues to grow and put smiles on his clients faces.